Химикал - гел за избелване на зъби

STAR SMILE Gel is completely harmless and will not damage your enamel, no seals or caries. The secret to good results lies in improved gel technology

Advantages of Chemical Gel -



  • Only 60 seconds to white teeth at home;

  • Effective quality gel such as DENTAL USED;

  • MOMENTALLY BLEACHES AND REMOVES stains on the teeth of coffee, tea, food, wine, cigarettes and others;

  • EASY and SAFE for use anywhere, anytime;

Regardless of the amount of gel applied to the teeth, the innovative formula prevents the appearance of sensitivity;

For an even longer lasting effect, also use the professional lamp set;

The amount of gel is sufficient for 35 applications.

Results after use:

- self-use of the gel is recommended for a maintenance procedure for teeth whitening or in people with NOT high-colored teeth;

- self-use of the gel results in tooth whitening after the first day of seven, but with a shorter effect (approximately 1 month).

For long lasting and optimal effect, it is recommended in combination with the professional lamp from the STAR SMILE teeth whitening kit.

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