Този иновативен продукт се доближава максимално до професионалното избелване при зъболекар, благодарение на  силната формулана гела в комбинация с избелваща светлината от устройството в комплекта. Безвреден и изключително лесен за използване. 

Professional lamp for white teeth


Benefits of Whitening system - set


  • The tooth whitening light imitates DENTAL devices;

  • Visibly whiter teeth after the first day;

  • In contact with the gel results in a professional effect with 5-7 times whiter teeth after regular use;

  • Just 20-30 minutes a day at home while watching TV or browsing the Internet;

  • Toothbrushes replace teeth cleaning before bleaching if you can not clean them with a brush;

  • EASY, COMFORTABLE and SAFE for use anywhere, anytime.


The set contains:
- Professional Tooth Whitening Lamp;
- professional tooth whitening gel;
- toothbrushes before the procedure.
Results after 1 month procedure:
- the teeth are visible and distinctly whiter;
- teeth are up to 6 shades whiter than the time you started using it;
- retention of bleaching effect 3 months after 1 month procedure (2 times 7 days);
- tooth whitening gel can be ordered separately and to continue tooth whitening procedures as the professional lamp has a shelf life of 6 months after first use.

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