Privacy Policies

This Privacy Policy aims to let you know how Scorpion 96 Ltd uses your personal data as a personal data administrator as well as how you can change your preferences and settings in relation to that use.


What governs these Privacy Policies


From 25.05.2018 in Bulgaria the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is being implemented. It is adopted by the European Union and its objective is to align the EU Member States' policies on the collection and use of personal data. Its purpose is also to guarantee the right to privacy, to protect personal data in order to create more security against misuse and attempted misuse of the personal data of each of us. All data with which a user can be identified is considered to be personal data. Such may be email, names, mobile phone, home address, IP address.


The new regulation is related to a number of requirements that Scorpion 96 Ltd. applies and you can meet here. These include:

- to let you know what personal data we use;
- let us know why we use them;
- to ask for your consent to use them when we provide additional services such as targeted advertising, for example.
- to give you the opportunity to change your consent for different purposes in order to have more freedom.
- to guarantee the right to ask for your data to be corrected, deleted, and forgotten.
- to indicate all third parties / other companies with whom we exchange your data.


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