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Често задавани въпроси при домашно избелване на зъби

  • What do we need to know about teeth whitening?
    Spring is knocking at the door, and summer already seems like a dream come true. With it comes the time for the sea, as well as the hustle and bustle around the appearance, which in winter was a bit neglected. More frequent visits to gyms and beauty salons begin. Everyone wants a tight body, a bronze complexion and a sparkling white smile. Have you ever thought that the stronger the complexion, the whiter the teeth look? That's why it seems to us that all people with black skin have super white teeth . This is an optical illusion due to the strong contrast between the skin and the teeth. To have white teeth, you do not need to fry in the sun or stay out of the solarium. All we have to do is go to our dentist and tell him we want white teeth or trust teeth whitening systems at home. Some dentists will try to dissuade you from how harmful this is, who for one reason or another do not accept the news. They can not believe that modern bleaching with appropriate and quality materials is harmless. If your dentist is from this group, just go to a colleague, but never resort to your grandmother's whitening methods such as rubbing your teeth with salt or soda. In these cases, it is very possible not only not to whiten your teeth, but to really damage them. It's best for your dentist to determine which type of whitening is best for you. You know that not all teeth are the same. There are sensitive, normal, problem gums , thin enamel, tartar and more. Teeth whitening can help you not only get a bright smile, but also get rid of some stains and stains on teeth. What is bleaching? Bleaching is a cosmetic procedure in which oxygen free radicals from active substances (most often urea peroxide, hydroxyperoxide) carry out oxidation, and thus discoloration of various deposits in tooth enamel. This restores the white color of the teeth. The final effect of bleaching is influenced by many factors - the degree of coloring, the percentage of active ingredient, the use of light to speed up the process, etc. Does teeth whitening hurt? Bleaching agents do not destroy tooth enamel in any way, but only extract organic dyes from enamel and dentin. This does not damage the structure of the tooth in any way, especially if the instructions are followed! There are two main ways to whiten, depending on whether it's done in the office (clinically) or at home (home) . The difference between the two types is the concentration of the whitening gel that is used, hence the difference in the duration of the procedure. Clinical whitening uses agents with very high concentrations and this allows us to achieve the desired effect with one or two visits to the dentist's office, each lasting about an hour and a half. The dentist insulates the oral mucosa (gums, lips) so that there is no risk of getting gel on them, and within about an hour several times applies a whitening gel on the teeth, which depending on the brand - is activated in different ways (chemically or by lamp). This whitening is suitable in cases where we need a quick effect. The side effects are many - from severe toothache when drinking water and eating, to caries. For home whitening within 20 minutes with Lamp kit or 30 minutes to 1 hour with teeth whitening strips you achieve not so fast, but on the other hand, keeping the teeth completely healthy. Most often, about 10-14 procedures are enough to achieve the desired effect. If necessary, more procedures can be performed, not necessarily on consecutive days. With this whitening, the results are achieved more slowly and gradually, but you have no side effects, sensitivity in the teeth, bleeding gums and do not disrupt your diet. It is advisable to clean tartar and plaque before teeth whitening for better results. Register the original tooth color so that a comparison can be made and the result can be seen. During home teeth whitening it is advisable to avoid foods and beverages rich in dyes, as well as smoking for about 1 hour. Teeth may become temporarily more sensitive (mostly from the cold), sometimes feel numb, or feel warmed by the lamp. After completion of the procedures, normal sensitivity is restored. For people with more sensitive teeth, there is an option to additionally use means to reduce their sensitivity. Very good results can be achieved by combining toothpaste to maintain white teeth with home whitening. How long-lasting are the results? Bleaching is a procedure with a long-lasting effect. Teeth are constantly exposed to staining factors such as cigarettes, coffee, red wine, soy sauce. The more intensive their use and the lower the hygiene of the oral cavity, the sooner the teeth will start to darken again. Once every 3 to 5 months, it is advisable to do refreshing procedures to maintain color. Why whiten our teeth? It all starts with your smile! A new smile can change your life, and white teeth are a symbol of health and well-being. Your smile plays an important role in how you perceive yourself, as well as in the impression you make on the people around you. Research shows that more than any other physical characteristic such as eyes, hair and body, a smile is what both men and women find most attractive in humans. If you have a charming smile, it opens the door to a better life. On the other hand, if you are unhappy with your smile, this may be the reason you may not be able to fully enjoy life and its possibilities. Probably tidier teeth will make you feel more confident in your work, and brighter and whiter teeth will move your personal life. If you're not completely happy with your smile, maybe it's time to get a new one.
  • Is teeth whitening harmful for home use?
    Teeth whitening is now standard. Bleaching products can be found in pharmacies, shops and online. More and more people are whitening their teeth and wondering if the whitening process is safe? Surprisingly, this is a very safe procedure. Some people think that teeth whitening is harmful because they feel sensitive after whitening. Other people are simply afraid of this and do not take the risk of whitening their teeth with products that are not applied directly by their dentist. It is true that some agents in whitening gels cause sensitivity, but this does not lead to long-term damage. This is just a sign that the gel is working. If you want to whiten your teeth, but you are worried about the side effects, there are many ways to make the process more convenient. When splinting / a> you can put a small layer of Vaseline on your gums. This can help with sensitivity. Teeth whitening can be quite an aggressive procedure. The best thing to start with is to start with a light whitening gel or strips like STAR SMILE set with 6LED whitening lamps - 2 parts and Star Smile Suprime White If you decide to use stronger whitening gels, start using a remineralizing gel or No matter what type of whitening product you choose, you don't have to worry about side effects. The pain you will experience during whitening is only temporary and will not lead to permanent damage. If you accidentally experience more severe pain, we recommend that you stop using the product and let your teeth rest for 1-2 days. * Important is to know that whitening at the dentist can be very painful, as many of the products they use are high in peroxide and you may get very painful sensitivities if the dentist does not have enough experience and does not use quality materials for this. If you want safer whitening, use teeth whitening strips, gels and pens from reputable brands . Enjoy your white teeth without fear!
  • Will the products damage the enamel of my teeth?
    There are hundreds of products on the market and some of them are very aggressive to the teeth and damage the enamel and structure in depth, just to cause an immediate effect. Because we all know that when it's fast, it suits us better. In STAR SMILE we do not preach this thesis. The products are not aggressive to the teeth, because do not contain chemicals that destroy the structure of the tooth. STAR SMILE Gel Chemical is based on oxygenated water, which is in% content enough not to damage the tooth in any way. Other products are peroxide-free and even more delicate on the teeth, so they are also recommended for sensitive teeth.
  • Do I have to change my daily routine or toothpaste?
    Toothpaste is your choice. It is not necessary to use special pastes of special brands for sensitive teeth or for additional whitening! If you want to prolong and maintain the effect of teeth whitening, we recommend the coconut charcoal powder or the calcium powder of our brand.
  • Why not go to the dentist and use your home teeth whitening products? "
    It's all a matter of judgment! As you know, professional services at the dentist are significantly more expensive. After the procedure, for 10 days you have to change your daily routine to 180 degrees - damaged enamel, drinking from straw, difficult eating due to toothache, cutting pain in the teeth when inhaling, irritated gums, special toothpastes and toothpaste, and more, and more. Even with this chemical teeth whitening, you have a 7-8 month effect. Then things come back to normal. With STAR SMILE products you will get painless and non-harmful teeth whitening. It won't be for 30 minutes, but it's better to be slow and safe than fast and destructive!
  • What is the role of lamps in kits?
    Accept the lamp as a wire. The light emitted by it LED light is strong enough to heat and activate the whitening ingredients and oils in the gel you put on your teeth. The combination has the strongest effect.
  • What is the difference between the lamps and what happens if it does not work or is damaged after 1-2 uses? "
    The difference is in size, power and warranty. The lamp from the blue set is smaller, battery-powered and has a 6-month warranty on the device. Even if you replace the batteries after 6 months, the light quality will not be the same. The USB mobile lamp is bigger, more powerful and is powered directly from your mobile device. It even covers the back teeth and its warranty is 12 months. If the lamp is damaged before the warranty period expires, it must be replaced immediately.
  • How do I choose the right set, whitening gel or teeth whitening strips? "
    It all depends on your type of teeth and deciding which product will be most convenient for you to use! If you have normal teeth, without problems with the gums, choose a set with Chemical Gel. If you have sensitive teeth, refer to the kits with sensitive tooth gels or STAR SMILE Premium Tapes.
  • Can I use any of the products while I have braces?
    It all depends on how the braces are placed and how sensitive your teeth are. There are no contraindications to using Star Smile when wearing braces.
  • Can I use the Star Smile kit during pregnancy or breastfeeding?
    Star Smile products Star Smile are safe for everyone. During pregnancy and lactation, women's bodies change in an individual way. Therefore, we advise you to wait and whiten your teeth after the pregnancy and breastfeeding period.
  • Why do white spots appear on my teeth after teeth whitening?
    This is a normal reaction of the teeth during a teeth whitening procedure. These spots disappear within an hour or two after the procedure, because tooth processes return to normal .
  • How often do I have to maintain my teeth to prevent them from staining again? "
    Teeth staining after whitening is an individual process. Depending on your lifestyle, your teeth will start to stain after 2 or 4 months. To maintain them you can use tooth powders on Star Smile or after noticing that the teeth change color, do 1-2 procedures with the product you have chosen.
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